AXIS Design Group


AXIS Design Group Architecture & Engineering is a full service building design and land-use consulting firm. Our design professionals include registered Architects and Interior Designers. Through successful navigation of hundreds of projects we have been able to gain extensive knowledge regarding Land Use Planning, Design Standards and Master Planning. We have also had the opportunity to gain firsthand experience working with planning commissions for multiple jurisdictions.

One of the aspects of the design industry that we have come to appreciate is the balance between standardizing regulations and the way design fits into them. As a firm comprised of citizens in our community, we have a desire for economic development. That desire drives us to promote planning and zoning that is appropriate to the economic feasibility. It also means supporting development that can bring vitality to an area through jobs, housing and an increased tax base.

As designers, much of our job is to develop unique design solutions for the project at hand, while maintaining an awareness of the long term goals of that specific community. We believe this understanding is beneficial as we can appreciate the big picture and long term objectives. We endeavor to create long lasting relationships by serving our clients and consultants with respect and integrity.  




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